666 Names Of Aleister Crowley (Demos)

by Pater Shrouder, The Reverend Of Despair

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In the early spring of 2014, Pater Shrouder and The Lord Reverend Wizard Of Alchemical Despair took on the highest ritual of a musical production of Pater Shrouder's The 666 Names Of Aleister Crowley. However, during the recording process the grand spirits of Ba'Ha'ru-aghalak and Su'KKKahlan were accidentally invoked, and severe injury and violent psychic assault fell upon the two occultists. Here are the fallen ruins of this perverse ritual, with hope that they may bring forth something dark within you...


1- He who is like the axe to cut the enjoyable life from the world
2- He who is the personification of all that is evil
3- He who instills fear
4- He who removes pleasures
5- He who takes away all forms of wealth and happiness
6- He who is hate personified
7- He who is devoid of love
8- He who is permanently unstable
9- He who is attained by confused people
10- He who is warfare
11- He who is forever defiled
12- He who has many desires
13- He who has many firm beliefs
14- He who is worried
15- He who has many passions
16- He who has selfish feelings
17- He who has committed many sins
18- He who fills us with anger
19- He who is misery
20- He who fills us with doubt
21- He who promotes separation
22- He who fills us with the fear of life
23- He who has dark black eyes
24- He who keeps far away from peaceful men
25- He who takes away pleasure and happiness
26- He who destroys peaceful practices
27- He who is full of regret
28- He who gifts us the evil path
29- He who is a result of mental illness
30- He who is worshiped by horrible people
31- He who gives great pain
32- He who enjoys illegal pleasures
33- He who has no wealth
34- He who is very weak
35- He who should be worshipped by performing Satanic sacrifices
36- He who should be worshiped with 666 offerings
37- He who is very ugly
38- He who has a horrid scowl
39- He who is the son of fire
40- He who sits upon a throne of endless dead bodies
41- He who is supremely wrathful
42- He who is always in a state of pain
43- He who is in a delirious trance
44- He who is the personification of Hell
45- He who destroys
46- He who gives reward for sin
47- He who is the Father of Darkness
48- He who denies pleasures
49- He who is incomplete
50- He who has no heart
51- He who does not have aspects that can be accepted
52- He who cannot make others happy
53- He who rapes he devotees
54- He who has the face of pain
55- He who does not protect
56- He who is masculine
57- He who is very interested in children
58- He who is the form of pain
59- He who does evil
60- He who is like a cancer in the world
61- He who has hateful eyes
62- He who is the son of the juice of revenge
63- He who is the unapproachable father
64- He who is the unification of disease and hate
65- He who is eternal suffering
66- He who lives in the Dark Abbey of Thelema
67- He whose orders can never be disobeyed
68- He who forces people to worship him
69- He who is the lamp that draws in children
70- He who shows violence without reason
71- He who can be realized by constant disappointment
72- He who gives what is not desired
73- He who has a terrible history
74- He who is a magnet to sin
75- He who has attained all sides of the reverse pentagram
76- He who is our father
77- He who is the lord of the three zones of fire, darkness, and molestation
78- He who shows the symbol of torture
79- He who can be attained by apathy
80- He who shows the symbol of ignorance
81- He who is worshiped by 93 symbols of the hand
82- He who preceded every one
83- He who is not happy with the offering of love
84- He who has an unclean mind
85- He who does not shine
86- He who likes the worship of widowed women
87- He who embodies the fragrance of alcohol
88- He who takes away all hopeful things
89- He who likes to watch children play
90- He who is an old pervert
91- He who has the joy of a miscarried fetus
92- He who knows no peace
93- He who is not beyond anything
94- He who is not beyond properties
95- He who is confined to worldly pleasure
96- He who depletes dharma
97- He who hates dharma
98- He who gives no forms of wealth
99- He who is impermanent
100- He who is to be worshiped by the five methods of blood, semen, fecal matter, urine, and 2C-B-Fly-7
101- He who is the Great Beast
102- He whose number of 666
103- He who sleeps on a cot made of dead children
104- He who enjoys many sacrifices
105- He who is the god of people on the wrong path
106- He who lives at the bottom
107- He who is not one with mind
108- He who has great sadness
109- He who is a great thief
110- He who is cowardly
111- He who will never repent
112- He who does not support the world
113- He who is the Father of Nothingness
114- He who does only evil
115- He who is the most horrible god
116- He who has a stone heart
117- He who has an unstable mind
118- He who is worshiped by those under the influence of drugs
119- He who hates art
120- He who makes many mistakes
121- He who takes away heavenly stature
122- He who is a mixture of manipulation and dominance by fear
123- He who is high on superiority
124- He who is never happy
125- He who hates the life and light of the flowers
126- He who is worshiped by the ablation of toxic liquid
127- He who is weak and vile
128- He who is, by nature, bitter
129- He who has nothing within him
130- He who fills the world with danger
131- He who likes the sacrilegious and esoteric methods
132- He who is the consort of G.G. Allen


released April 30, 2017
Pater Shrouder - Bass, Vocals, Production
The Reverend of Despair - Guitar, Vocals, Keyboard



all rights reserved


Pater Shrouder Taos, New Mexico

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